Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

XEOMIN® in Mount Juliet, TN

XEOMIN® is a minimally invasive alternative to BOTOX®.

XEOMIN® represents a neuromodulator that offers a solution. Administered beneath the skin with a delicate needle, this extensively purified prescription medication intercepts the signals originating from the nerves responsible for muscle contractions. By facilitating controlled relaxation of the muscles, XEOMIN® enables the skin to smoothen and alleviate forehead wrinkles and lines between the eyes, all while preserving a natural appearance without the undesired "frozen" effect.

What is it?
XEOMIN® is a prescription neuromodulator, injected into facial muscles to improve the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles.
What does it treat?
XEOMIN® is a great option to help soften existing lines and wrinkles, prevent wrinkles from deepening, and also reduce the risk of new wrinkles forming. It does this by relaxing the muscles in your face and neck. Botox® can also be used to control excessive sweating from your hands, feet, armpits, and scalp.
It also helps:
  • reduce wrinkles and pore sizes
  • improve skin tone and texture
What can you expect?
You may feel a slight pinch or stinging from the insertion of the very small needle.
How-to prepare
Please come to the appointment with a clean face.

You may want to work out before you come, as you should not do any exercise for the first 24 hours after treatment.
24 hours prior

Exercise before treatment

Day of

Remove all makeup, lotions, deodorant or oil from the area to be treated.

Expected downtime
There is no downtime with XEOMIN® injections.
Post-Treatment Dos:

Lightly apply a cold compress if needed. Tylenol as needed.

Post-Treatment Donts:

Don't lay down or apply pressure to the treated area for 4 hours post-treatment.

Results With XEOMIN®

How long until you see results?

XEOMIN® usually begins achieving noticeable results within 3-14 days after treatment.

How long will XEOMIN® last?

Length of results depends on the individual but most clients need maintenance for XEOMIN® every 3-6 months.


1 - 40 UNITS
per unit
per unit

BOTOX® vs. XEOMIN®: Which One Should You Choose?

Both BOTOX® and XEOMIN® are injectable neuromodulators which contain the same main ingredient called botulinum toxin A. However, they work in slightly different ways.

Depending on the specific area of the face and the desired results, each of these options may be suitable.

The good news is that you don't have to choose only one. Our skilled injectors will create a customized anti-aging plan just for you. This plan may involve using XEOMIN®, BOTOX®, injectable dermal fillers, and other rejuvenation treatments, all tailored to meet your individual needs.